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Free Personal Retreat Booklet - Volume 2
January 23rd, 2024
In the fall we introduced personal spiritual retreats and provided Volume 1 of a 3 part Personal Retreat Book series. A spiritual retreat is a period of time set aside for more intentional focus on Je...  Read More
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It Takes a Church: Sending Your Youth Group Off Well
March 26th, 2023
In just a few months, the church of tomorrow will be heading out your church doors for their TEAMeffort Missions Trip. We pray it will be a significant experience in their relationship with Jesus and ...  Read More
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Why Our Campers Think You Should “Just do it!”
February 15th, 2023
If you’re still considering options for your youth group this summer, here are some favorite things former campers share about their TEAMeffort camp experiences. The staff is one of the best things ab...  Read More
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5 Reasons You Should Bring Your Youth Group to a TEAMeffort Camp
January 29th, 2023
Youth Ministry is exciting and exhausting. The students are energetic, spontaneous, and always up for a good time. As their leader, you try to maximize these qualities by planning cool activities that...  Read More
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What Mary’s Pierced Heart Can Teach Moms This Christmas
December 20th, 2022
We hold our babies, swaddle them, sing to them. We study their hands unwrapping their fingers' grip on ours, wondering if they’ll be able to palm a basketball or reach an octave on the piano. We love ...  Read More
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