Walk With Jesus: 4 Week Reflection Guide Leading to Easter
March 2nd, 2024
Can you imagine what it would be like living life with Jesus when he was here on earth? To talk with him over a meal? To hear him pray to his Father in heaven? To walk with him into a village and see ...  Read More
Everyday Game Face: Free Game Day Tracker
February 4th, 2024
If you have your “game face” on, you know that you have “a serious or determined expression” because you are “try[ing] to win or achieve something.” Athletes are known for this focused disposition. Ev...  Read More
Free Personal Retreat Booklet - Volume 2
January 23rd, 2024
In the fall we introduced personal spiritual retreats and provided Volume 1 of a 3 part Personal Retreat Book series. A spiritual retreat is a period of time set aside for more intentional focus on Je...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible in a Year
January 4th, 2024
For those of you who are thinking of reading through the Bible this year, here are a few resources that might be helpful. 365 Day Bible Reading Plan can be done in 12 minutes per day. If you’re more o...  Read More
For Goodness Sake
December 23rd, 2023
On my way to rejoice with friends celebrating new life, my phone rang like a death bell tolling. I pulled off the road to hear the nurse say, “Your biopsy results indicate you have breast cancer.” My ...  Read More
Advent Resources
December 1st, 2023
This Sunday, December 3rd, officially kicks off the season of Advent of 2023 according to the Christian calendar. Over the next weeks leading up to December 25, many in the Christian community will be...  Read More
Follow Him Still
November 19th, 2023
At least 12 times in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) Jesus says, “Follow me.” Most of these times he is speaking to his would-be 12 disciples, calling them to turn from what they were doin...  Read More
November Prayer and Praise Calendar
October 29th, 2023
"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." (Psalm 107:1)November is a month filled with opportunities to more intentionally focus on who God is, what He has done for us, and ...  Read More
A Free Personal Retreat Booklet and an Intro to Personal Retreats
October 8th, 2023
A personal spiritual retreat is a period of time set aside for more intentional focus on Jesus and his Word for your growth and refreshment.  It usually involves going to a quiet place so you can be u...  Read More
Youth Lesson and Reflection: Waiting for the Main Course
September 24th, 2023
In those comfortless days, although at the time my eyes couldn’t see it, my hands couldn’t touch it, and my mouth couldn’t taste it, God was answering my prayer for “a sign of [his] goodness.” (Psalm ...  Read More
Youth Lesson & Reflection: When the Bible Makes You Hangry
September 17th, 2023
There it was. The peace from the angst I’d been feeling. The solution to the weight of guilt I’d been carrying. If God would only answer!Psalm 86:17, “Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies ...  Read More
A Summer Staff Testimony: God and I Working Together
September 7th, 2023
Sometimes when we’re serving Jesus, it’s hard to know where our effort and obedience ends and his power begins. Nevaeh R.'s experience at Carolina Coast this summer is a great example of how God combi...  Read More
Back to School: Spiritually Encouraging Resources
August 31st, 2023
Below is a link to a PDF with some fantastic spiritual resources to help encourage your faith this year at school....  Read More
A Summer Staff Testimony: We’re Fighting Different Battles but the Same War
August 27th, 2023
Lys I. served this summer in TN and had her eyes opened to the joy of missional living. Her heart for God and others grew as her view and understanding of God expanded. This summer has given me a pic...  Read More
Accepting God’s Call: Camper Testimonies
August 16th, 2023
Although the summer camp season of 2023 is over, for months to come, we will still be reveling in the good work God accomplished! We’ll soon dive into planning for upcoming camps, and the fuel for why...  Read More
A Summer Staff Testimony: It’s OK to Ask for Help
August 11th, 2023
Jacob B. served with enthusiasm this summer in TN. Summer Staff, although it’s exciting, is also exhausting and humbling. Jacob wisely admits that he has limitations and needs God and others to help h...  Read More
Back to School Reflection Guide
August 9th, 2023
We hope your summer has been fruitful and fun! With school starting soon for most of you (or already for some of you!), we wanted to offer you and your students this tool. We know from the feedback we...  Read More
A Summer Staff Testimony: Honesty Produces More Honesty
July 31st, 2023
Crystal H. is serving with TEAMeffort this summer in PA. Crystal’s spiritual life has flourished at camp because of her relationship with others. She is learning from them, they’re keeping her account...  Read More