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Mission Trips for Teens

Summer 2019 offers more opportunities than ever for middle and high school youth groups to put their faith into action through challenging and rewarding mission trips where they will complete projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in need, building mission and ministry facilities, leading children's outreach programs, working at homeless shelters, responding to natural disasters, and reaching out to individuals and communities through Christian service.  Providing opportunities for youth to serve is an important strategy for discipleship and youth leadership. Our mission trips for teens are designed to help your student ministry succeed in forming the next generation of faithful disciples of Jesus.

Youth Mission Trip Locations

How We Support Your Youth Ministry


Preparing Youth for Missions
Serving on a youth mission trip is a major part of many youth ministries' annual calendar. We all know the impact that can be had on the students and those they will be serving. As the summer approaches and youth ministries across the country embark on a mission trip, we wanted to share 4 ways you can prepare your group for the trip in an effort to have everyone experience a life-changing trip.

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