Why Our Campers Think You Should “Just do it!”

If you’re still considering options for your youth group this summer, here are some favorite things former campers share about their TEAMeffort camp experiences.

1. “They have an amazing staff!”

The staff is one of the best things about TEAMeffort. We bring in college-aged adults who have a heart for ministry and a passion for people. They lead the work at the mission sites but also have intentional conversations while painting a house, building a deck, or helping serve a community devastated by natural disasters. Their presence creates an atmosphere of honesty and intentionality for the week. Click  to read stories from our summer staff

2. “Chapel is incredible!”

Our amazing staff leads all aspects of chapel from worship to speaking to games. The chapel time is a great way for your group to get re-centered after serving all day. It is humbling coming to the Lord in thanks for the opportunity to serve him and others, and to ask him to prepare your hearts and renew your strength for another day of pouring out. Chapel creates a safe space for students to see areas where they need to take that next step spiritually. We encourage groups to have group discussion time after chapel to create a culture of sharing and vulnerability.

3. “There are great opportunities for fellowship and group growth.”

Being together with others all the time really can be a blessing! Whether serving together, eating together, having free time together, or worshiping together, it is the perfect way for your group to fellowship and get to know each other in a deeper way. It is almost guaranteed that your group will be more unified at the end of the week and that there will be new friendships made – some that might even surprise you!

4. “It’s a great price!”

The price covers everything you need except your free time activities and transportation. Click to read more about what we provide.

5. “You get to explore the area in your free time.”

At the end of the week, you get a day and a half to explore the area you have just finished serving in. This is a great time to have fun after working hard all week. Depending on where the camp you’re serving at is located, some of the free time activities can include anything from hiking, to amusement parks, to beach days. It’s such a blessing for your group to celebrate your hard work together.

6. “You’re making a difference!”

Serving in a community that needs it and showing love to people are just a few ways you are making a difference in the lives of others. We partner with ministries in the areas we serve because they know the needs of their community. We are able to step in and support them and seek to meet physical needs as well as be eternity-changers.

7. “Just do it!”

This trip will transform your students by opening their eyes to missions and the needs that are in the world. But, they’ll also quickly realize that the needs aren’t just around them but in them. They’ll be encouraged to know they aren’t alone in their struggles and get encouragement to move forward in their faith. TEAMeffort allows for all of this and more! Click for registration information.

We are here for you!

We’re available to answer any questions you many have along the way and to provide you with information you may not even know you need. We’ve compiled some FAQs to get you started. Also, we’re happy to connect you to a few youth leaders who have brought groups to a TEAMeffort camp before so you can hear directly from them about their time with us.

For more information, please call 1.800.989.1507 or submit your questions here.