Free Personal Retreat Booklet - Volume 2

In the fall we introduced personal spiritual retreats and provided Volume 1 of a 4-part Personal Retreat Book series. A spiritual retreat is a period of time set aside for more intentional focus on Jesus and his Word for your growth and refreshment.  It usually involves going to a quiet place so you can be undistracted by the usual demands of your day-to-day life. You can work through a certain theme (praise, guidance, joy, holiness, etc.) during the time or you can work through a particular passage. You can make the retreat as long or short as your schedule allows. Your retreat may include (but is not limited to) these different  elements: reflection, journaling, prayer, singing, reading the Bible, reading a devotional book or commentary, fasting, and silence.

Maybe you already incorporate a practice like this as part of your spiritual disciplines, or, maybe this post has piqued your interest and it sounds like something you would benefit from. Here is the first free booklet we released in the fall for you to use to guide your personal retreats. Like the first volume, this second one also includes a booklet for adults and one for students. Volume 2 is focused on the theme of Provisions and Limitations.

We love providing resources to aid you and your students in walking closer with Jesus. We also hope our resources might take a little of the planning off your shoulders as you teach and disciple the students under your spiritual care.

This second volume recommends setting aside 1-hour for the student retreat and 3-hours for the adult retreat . The time is broken up into various intervals. Get your calendar out to schedule your retreat and click on the links below!

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