One Great Contractor

“Jesus was a carpenter, so anyone who takes up that trade has to be good.” – Harry Houck
Arguably one of the most important, and overlooked, factors that make for successful TEAMeffort summers are our incredible contractors!
Our Blue Knob camp is blessed with a contractor who gives continually, and very intentionally invests in the lives of staff and campers.  Harry Houck is one of a kind!
Throughout the year Harry is busy with his own construction company focusing on home construction, improvements, renovations and repairs, and some how manages to spend countless hours with TEAMeffort over the summer!
We got to sit down with Harry and ask him about his perspective on what he does for TEAMeffort.
When and how did you first get involved with TEAMeffort?
“About six years ago, Jeremy contacted me. He knew me through the church and Lighthouse (a ministry for men in Altoona, PA). He asked me if I could help out with TEAMeffort.”
What did you expect when Jeremy asked you to help?
“I was very unsure. I didn’t know what I was stepping into, but if the Lord was pointing me to it, I knew it would be good. And surely, this is where the Lord designed me to be serving.”
What is it like being a TE contractor?
“Overwhelming. But overwhelming in the factor that I see the blessing that the kids are to the homeowners. The work isn’t overwhelming, but the outcome is. We don’t always see how blessed we are, but I see it when working with the kids. The staff for the summer really becomes our kids, and we love it. I’ve learned I need to rely on Philippians 4:13, relying on the Lord for strength. ”
Do you have a favorite memory of working with TE?
“After summer 2014 I came down to retreat in Jacksonville, FL with the staff. Every summer has something special and unforgettable but coming to retreat was really special. One of my favorite parts of camp is seeing the different churches respond to worship, Thursday nights are always cool.”

I know that everyone who has encountered Harry is thankful for their time with him. He is so much more than a contractor for TEAMeffort, he is an encourager, motivator and a difference maker.

“I look forward to the summer all year, my wife knows I start counting down the days in April to when the kids come. I’m always ready for it; it’s the best part of the year. It’s a blessing because of the staff I get to know, they learn so much and then teach the teenagers, its really cool”