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  • They want to lead!

    Despite the grumbling you may hear about waking up early, not having the type of breakfast they prefer, or having to wear sunscreen when they only want to get a tan- your youth WANT to work!

    They take pride in seeing a project completed, a project they have memories associated with, a project where they related to the homeowner, calling a project theirs as a family.


    They will ask you more questions than you can handle!

    As youth leaders it’s an amazing moment with a youth asks you a question! The best type of question being…can you help me?

    Although they might not be asking about personal situations, they will absolutely be asking for your help with building. It’s a great way to get them to move toward asking for help on bigger issues.


    Life skills go a long way.

    Knowing a little bit about being handy can be a great skill to have!

    Your youth will feel proud to know they can connect better with parents or family on projects around the house. It can make them feel more confident about their abilities, and what they always want, to feel more grown up!

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