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Returning Staff Application

We're excited that you are interested in joining the TEAMeffort summer staff again! Contact the recruiting team if you have any questions.
  • First Name
    Last Name
  • Camp Location and Year
  • Medical Information
  • *You must have current health insurance coverage during the time you are employed by TEAMeffort
    A lot of prayerful consideration goes into deciding where to place each summer staff. While we would like to and will try to place each person at one of their choice camps, we can't guarantee it.

    We need to make sure we put the right balance of skills, spiritual gifts, and passions at each location to best serve each community. Staff are never guaranteed to be placed at a specific camp location. Even after placement, change is always possible. We ask all staff to trust you will be used in great ways wherever you have the opportunity to serve.
  • (1) Indicating minimal/some experience, (10) Indicating mastery, able to do it in your sleep
  • Agreement