Preparation for Internship Program

Hi, I'm Faithy! I’m 20 years old and I love Camp Ministry!
The internship program is an opportunity for young adults to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while also building community and a team with others to reach a common goal and prepare for the summer and our campers!  TEAMeffort is a camp that organizes local missions and fun activities for Youth Groups! I want to be part of this program, to be used for God's purpose, and to prosper who I am in God, like a wildflower! I’m hoping to get Experience working with teens and young adults, as well as opportunities to build intentional relationships with my team. I’m nervous in general! Meeting new people is always intimidating to me! But God has given me a lot of peace over my worries, I am so excited to learn and grow in this new community! I’m trying to prepare for the program by becoming more organized! I got my first calendar ever this year! ( It's got stickersss!) I’ve been talking to God a lot about how I can grow and impact the people I'm going to be with these next few months!

Starting the Internship Program

Hey Dudes!
We are finally here!
I am so overjoyed to be in this environment! I expect such big things from God this season! I’m asking him to do things only he can do with our group. It's going to be a phenomenal time, I can already tell! :)
We are going to be in charge of speaking some messages for our spring break groups! This is super nerve-wracking to me, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to depend on God in my weaknesses and fears, It’s going to be way fun!
Moving in was great, my shower is huge guys. Living on camp surrounded by trees and natural beauty is so filling!
The other interns are fantastic, we found out we all share a similar main personality type, which is known as “The Fun Way”. I'm excited to laugh every day with these dudes. The office staff as well, what a Boujee bunch of people! ❤️✌🏼

Spring Break Prep

Hey dudes,
We had been preparing for Spring Break Camp by writing messages, practicing chapels, counting things out, shopping and even dancing! A lot of time and fun went into our preparations and I can say with certainty that it was all worth the effort. I was so nervous for campers to come, it was super intimidating having people come. I was most stressed about my message, which ended up being okay each week. God definitely gave me supernatural confidence and words to say, without him there was no chance of me being able to speak to a group of people like that. During camp, I got to be a speaker, a cook, a leader, a supporter and a servant. I loved helping to make the video at the end of the week so the group could see all they've done and I loved playing games and connecting with all the kids.

Throughout Spring Break and Prep I've seen myself grow in quieting my lips when I have no good to say, I’ve grown in understanding of my personality and how I need time alone to be my best with others. I’ve found that I love small jobs, jobs no one would know I ever did, are my favorite!

I prayed that the campers would have open hearts to whatever The Holy Spirit was convicting  them of, and that they would bond with their groups in new ways!
The whole experience was challenging and awesome, I cried both times our groups left, I loved them so much! They were the BEST! I’m so glad I got to be with them and to be used by God to impact them, and I'm so blessed by the ways they impacted me as well <3
Love you

Easter Break

Hey Guys,
Easter break was cool! I actually live 10 minutes away from camp, So me and a few other interns hung out there often. It was my last week teaching ASL classes at Homeschool Co-op. It came to a good end. I went to the park with my family and finished a ninja warrior course in a minute and thirty seconds! We played disc golf! I got invited to a murder mystery dinner in 2 weeks, I’m very excited for that! I got to hang out with some church friends! It was nice to spend more time with my family, cooking for Easter and playing games! It was a good week to process everything from Spring Break. I see how it unified all the interns as a team and how we work so well to encourage and love each other, despite when we have conflict to face.

I’ve missed seeing all the beautiful faces of the office staff this past week, they are all such cool people, I'm so excited to hang out with them again!
As we go into the last month of interning, I want to be intentional with every moment I have with all my friends. I want to prosper like a wild flower and overcome so much more with them as we prepare for the summer. I want to be still in God and rely on him as the weeks go on.
Keep me in your prayers! 
Love you

South Carolina Trip

Hey Guys,
Our Staff went to South Carolina together! Along the way, our car went to colleges and churches to drop off recruiting information for summer staff! Eventually, we all met at a church to load mattresses and tools up for our Western Kentucky Camp! Carolina was a little chilly, but the sun came out the last few days, and the beaches and shops were amazing! The most challenging part of our trip was picking a place to eat together and trying to find an ice cream place after one of the interns did a hot sauce challenge! I feel like our group of interns really bonded through crazy car rides and games at night, we had a lot of fun together, also watching Cutthroat kitchen together! Our bible study was amazing, hearing what God was teaching everyone through the passage we read together. Overall our trip was awesome, we got some good work done together, we learned a lot about people's music tastes, and just had a ton of fun playing mini-golf and going to Myrtle beach! Through the internship program so far, I’ve learned a lot about how important community and fellowship are with people who love God and how you really can have fun doing any sort of job as long as you don’t grumble or complain about anything and lean into who God is and how all your work impacts his kingdom, no matter how small it seems!
Have fun living! 
Faithy <3

Summer Staff

My summer has been incredible! We are so blessed to have this crazy schedule! We almost never stop moving and doing! Jumping from so many places doing so many tasks to make camp happen, it’s great, we never stop having fun! During our setup week, we were supposed to build 90 bunks! It was more work than any of us imagined, and while it was a lot of stress, it was so fun, our staff really came together and bonded over all the wood we had to prep, we played carpet ball and slept random places every night cause we weren’t able to build our beds for 4 days! There was so much Chaos in it all, But God gave us the right people to keep our perspective positive and to help us. It was an awesome week! :) 
I’ve loved being able to connect with campers throughout the week, hearing their stories of how God is working, one girl this past week shared so much new fun music with me, We really had an awesome time talking about passions and life! I love being able to share the joy of serving God with everyone, and I’m so encouraged by the servants hearts I’ve met this summer and I can’t wait for them to continue their ministry as they go home and maybe work here one day ;) 
God has proven over my life that He is good and trustworthy and beautiful and this summer is no different, I’ve seen him doing amazing things with just a handful or broken people these past weeks, every time we lose someone to sickness for a week or something goes wrong in our eyes, he always makes ends meet and things go well.
Being away from family is always hard, but I feel like I’ve been given an amazing family to spend my summer with here as well, I’m very excited to be home again with my family, but I really feel a peace about where I am and who I am with right here, right now, I’m just taking it moment to moment.
I want to continue to work on my confrontation skills, being able to talk with people openly in a healthy manner is something I really desire as I continue to try to grow and prosper in who Jesus has called me to be.
I love you!! Bye

Post Summer

Hey! Summer came to an end, we went white water rafting with the copper hill staff before the rest of our drive home, I was with the truck caravans, we got to camp last, but I’m pretty sure we had the most fun. 
Staff retreat was super fun, we did a relay race together, I missed all my beautiful people <3 it was also hard, because everyone was leaving, but I’m so grateful to know people that I’m gonna miss this much! If I would sum up my internship experience in one word it would be “Growth” I had so many opportunities to grow personally, relationally, and spiritually it was truly an awesome experience, that I’m so honored I got to be apart of! I’m absolutely changed by the love and intentionality I experienced here, I’ve never had any kind of discipleship in my life or any people genuinely walking alongside me in the ways the TEAMeffort office staff does, they love so hard, and I’m inspired to love like that because of Jesus through them and I’ve learned a lot about sacrifice and joy, that I’m still learning so much about with them.

 Lucky for me I live close by, so I intend to be intentional with them and to grow closer with them over the next season, after I sleep for a month lol. Next steps are unsure, I know I want to work at a camp, so I’m gonna talk to good leaders in my life, pray about it and be willing to go and do whatever the Lord has for me! I have learned again, like I do every year that God is so faithful and that he really does answer prayers, you just have to ask and look! He is so good! I’m just trying to be still in those truths.
Thanks for reading!!