Walk With Jesus: 4 Week Reflection Guide Leading to Easter

Can you imagine what it would be like living life with Jesus when he was here on earth? To talk with him over a meal? To hear him pray to his Father in heaven? To walk with him into a village and see his servant’s heart as he ministered to others? To hear his voice quiver in sorrow as he asked God to spare him from the suffering of his sacrificial death?

One day, for those of us who know Jesus, we will experience eternal life with Jesus in the flesh! Until then, through the leading of his Spirit, his first followers recorded for us what walking with Jesus was like. When we read their accounts in Scripture, we are taken back to that time and place and can immerse ourselves in their experience, and the revelation they recorded, gleaning from it and applying it to our relationship with him now.

This guide is designed to help your walk with Jesus through focusing on four different aspects - listening, looking, thinking, and wondering. The last week of the study will culminate in the celebration of his resurrection.

You will start the guide on March 3 and your last reading will be on March 31, Easter Sunday, with experiences and reflections through the weeks in between.

We pray this walk with Jesus is challenging and refreshing to you and, most of all, deepens your walk with him.

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