A Summer Staff Testimony: We’re Fighting Different Battles but the Same War

Lys I. served this summer in TN and had her eyes opened to the joy of missional living. Her heart for God and others grew as her view and understanding of God expanded.

God is Everywhere

This summer has given me a picture of how big God is. He is everywhere and He is working in people.  I may not realize it right away, but then I start to see a difference in their lives. I love hearing people’s stories of how He has changed them.

Jesus Shows Mercy and So Should I

I am becoming more aware that I can judge people based on their outward appearance. However, the better I get to know them, I realize that I should follow Jesus’ example and the way he treated the woman at the well. We may be fighting different battles, but we’re often fighting the same war. I am learning who Jesus truly is and that he has all things under his control.

From Strangers to Family

I love meeting different people at camp and am amazed that even though we barely know each other, we can still bless and encourage each other. 

It has been amazing to see how groups that were shy at first and nervous to talk to me or other church groups become more and more open as the week goes on. By the end, it’s like we’ve all created a family bond.

Accountability for Myself and Others

TEAMeffort has changed my life and given me more of an understanding about what living on mission is. It has given me confidence to start conversations with others I don’t know. 

It’s also helped me to communicate better with people I do know. I realize sometimes by our body language and lack of verbal communication, we can still be communicating. It helps to be open and let others know that I’m going through something and I don’t mean anything personally toward them. I realize I need to take accountability for myself and be thoughtful to communicate my feelings better.

My prayer partner and I check in on each physically, emotionally, and spiritually so we can pray for each other better. We also try to encourage each other more specifically based on what’s going on in our lives. She has been such a blessing to me!
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