A Summer Staff Testimony: God is Always Drawing Near to Us

Jordyn J. is serving with TEAMeffort this summer in TN. God is working in her life as he uses her to bless and encourage others.

God is showing himself to me.

He continues to show me that there’s a purpose for everything and all the trials or hard times are worth it. Every time I speak to someone this summer it shows me that wherever we are in our walks with him, he is always with us. He is also showing me that I need to be okay in the waiting season, especially when things aren’t going the way I plan it to. He continues to show me that if I am obedient to him, he will reveal himself so much more, because I have my heart, ears, eyes, and spirit open to hearing/seeing/feeling Him in everything everyday.

I’m learning from people who are different from me.

I’ve learned that everyone has a different story, and that everyone can change, no matter where they are. He is always drawing near to us. I’m seeing that not everyone experiences Jesus in the same way, or even worships in the same way. It has helped me to remember that everyone has a different heart and a different path to Jesus, and to be faithful and pray, knowing he is continuing to work in the lives of others even when I don’t see what he’s doing.

My staff encourages me.

I’ve been greatly encouraged by my staff whenever I am with them. I can feel the light that they give off for Jesus, because they are always shining so bright. Having accountability with my staff has helped me to stay more positive even when things aren’t going the way that I thought it would. Every time I open up to my staff, I feel the love and compassion that they have and it has helped me to realize that not everyone is how I expected them to be. It has also pushed me to be a happier, more forgiving person, because that’s exactly what my staff does for me.

God is at work in the youth groups who have come on mission trips this summer.

I’ve seen groups respond by coming up to one of the staff and talking to them and needing a shoulder to cry on. I’ve also seen that they are very impacted because some nights it’s like a switch goes off, and the next day on the worksite I can see them acting more Christ-like, which makes my heart so full.  I can feel how impacted the students are because of the way they let go of all their burdens, or even a sliver of their burdens, at the cross. Sometimes they even will come up to staff and let us know how their lives have been affected at camp, and you can really see the light in them start to shine even brighter than when they first came.

I’ve realized that missions is my calling

My perspective on missions has changed so that I have an even greater love for the people that spend their lifework doing this! This mission trip has really pushed me to realize that I want to do this forever. God has helped change me from being a shy, closed off person, to giving me a passion to be intentional with everyone I meet.
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