Summer is for Growing, Knowing, and Going

My kids are counting the days until school’s out for summer! Because schools start in early August here in Florida, we only have 16 days to go!

If we asked the majority of students what they’re looking forward to most about the freedom of summer, they probably have different expectations than we as parents or youth leaders have for them. Of course we all need rest, and a change of schedule and a break from homework and test prep is also welcome. But, if our students aren’t careful, (and if they’re anything like I was as a teenager!), they run the risk of spending almost three months unintentionally at best and selfishly at worst.

TEAMeffort has put together a free resource below that’s similar to what I’ve used with my own kids. The goal is that it will help to inspire your students to adjust their expectations for all summer can be. Yes, of course, there will be time for the fun and sleeping in they want to do! But the flexibility of summer lends itself to so much more! 

Our prayer is that this will be beneficial for you in your student ministry. Feel free to use it as it will serve you best. Maybe it would be helpful to establish a theme of “Growing, Knowing and Going” for your students this summer. They could share in the youth group meetings what their plans are for accomplishing the things from the calendars. Maybe you could help give them specific ideas that would work best based on your local church context. They could pair up and service in groups or individually. Then, they can tell about their experiences and what God is teaching them as the weeks pass during the summer. It’s a great opportunity to guide them through some of the challenges they may have, like reaching out to people older than them, etc. If experiences don’t turn out the way they thought they would, it’s a chance to disciple them through what to learn from it, what they might do differently next time, or finding an unexpected lesson or blessing in it still.

We’re grateful for the relationship we have with you as churches and leaders and hope this is a meaningful resource for you! We are praying your summer is full of God’s grace and mercy in Jesus!

Downloadable PDF