Application - TEAMeffort Youth Mission Trips


Summer Staff can expect one of the most challenging, stretching and hardest summers of their lives, and also one of the most rewarding!  It is an opportunity to put your faith into action as a missionary by working alongside youth groups from all over the United States in the mission field.  You will be stretched to your limits serving youth by stocking and running daily mission site projects, facilitating nightly worship services, preparing meals, and of course, playing.

Exhausting? Yes.  Exhilarating? Absolutely!

Our Summer Staff missionaries make TEAMeffort Youth Group Mission Camps happen!  Summer Staff must have a desire to work with youth in the mission field, a high energy level, patience, a sense of humor and enthusiasm as well as a desire to lead and serve.  All Summer Staff must also show good communication skills with youth and peers, be able to accept supervision and instruction well, and readily take the initiative to get tasks done.

Life Changing Experiences!

For over 25 summers, TEAMeffort staff have been challenged, changed and grown in incredible ways! You will have opportunities to deepen your faith, develop your leadership skills, and make an impact on thousands of youth! You will truly experience what it's like to be a missionary in the local community. 

Unforgettable Memories!
Between goofing off with your staff, to pouring into the lives of middle school and high school youth groups, and sharing the love of Jesus with homeowners, you will leave the summer with memories and friendships that you will have for life.

A Stronger Relationship with Jesus
During a TEAMeffort summer, you are guaranteed to be stretched in your relationship with Christ and to step outside of your comfort zone in new ways! Every day you will have to rely on the Lord's strength, joy love, and wisdom, because without it, what we do would be impossible! 

Establish a new family and community!
As TEAMeffort staff, you will live in a tight-knit community that will encourage, push you, and become your family. From eating to cleaning to worshiping, every day you will be working with your staff, participating in daily devotions together, and being poured into by your camp director. 

Opportunity to Serve! 
You will get your hands dirty this summer! You will have 10 weeks of truly serving and showing your love of Christ to homeowners, campers and fellow staff. Being on staff for TEAMeffort will challenge you to put yourself last in all situations as you serve those around you by being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

College Credit!
There are summer internship possibilities for almost every major! Whether you're a music major, business major, and even an early childhood education major, we offer summer internship possibilities for you! To get more information about how you can be a missionary to youth groups while receiving college credit, contact our recruiters today! 

A Pay Check! 
Working as summer staff is a paid position. Additionally, your housing, travel costs and the majority of your meals will also be covered.