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What are TEAMeffort Youth Group Mission Camps?

TEAMeffort is a non-profit inter-denominational Christian mission organization that has been providing life-changing, eye-opening, faith-building mission experiences for youth for 20 years. We offer opportunities for youth groups to put their faith into action through challenging and rewarding mission projects.

You will work with a youth group each week that will work on projects such as repairing and renovating homes for families in need, building mission and ministry facilities, leading children's programs, working at homeless shelters, responding to natural disasters, and reaching out to individuals and communities through Christian service.

TEAMeffort has over 20 camps located all across the United States and Overseas. We have brought over 100,000 youth and leaders from thousands of churches and organizations together to serve.

What is the Purpose of TEAMeffort Youth Group Mission Camps?

TEAMeffort Mission camps are designed to be a mixture of hard work, spiritual growth and good, clean, adventurous fun. As you lead youth groups, you can expect to work hard, play hard and laugh hard.

It is our desire that at the close of each mission camp the youth will return to their churches in more cohesive groups, sharing in memories that will last a lifetime and enjoying a renewed excitement about what Jesus Christ is doing in all of their lives. Coupled with that, we desire for all Staff to be challenged in new ways, stretched in their faith life, and leave the summer with a deeper and more mature dependency on Christ.

We get the privilege and blessing of watching campers leave changed for Jesus and sticking around to do it all over again each week of the summer!

Is there an age requirement for Summer Staff?

To be eligible for Summer Staff, individuals must be college-aged young adults at least one year out of high school. If in your senior year of high school you are still eligible to apply, however, you must be 18 by the start of training (end of May).

What are my responsibilities as a Summer Staff member?

As a Summer Staff, you can expect a challenging and rewarding summer working alongside youth groups from all over the United States. You will hold a number of responsibilities around the camp and at the Mission Sites. Basically, you and the Staff you serve with are the ones who make TEAMeffort Youth Group Mission Camps run!

An overview of Staff responsibilities includes:

-Spending time with and pouring into campers each week

-Preparing Mission Sites with tools and materials needed for the week

-Leading a Youth Group and running their Mission Site with the guidance of contractors and other Summer Staff

-Leading campers in daily devotions on their Mission Site

-Preparing for and cleaning up after meals

-Running the camp store, where campers can hangout and purchase snacks or TE merchandise

-Leading in the nightly Chapel service with your Staff members involving worship, games, and speaking

What dates do I need to be available?

The end of May to mid August.

The summer starts with a week-long Staff Training in Jacksonville, FL at our Office. After Training, there are 8 action-packed weeks of camp! Afterwards, we offer an optional Staff Retreat at our Jacksonville location where Staff from all camps come back together to share about the summer through resting and activities!

How much will I get paid?

Summer Staff receive a total of $2,000 working with TEAMeffort. This total is broken down into a two part payment. The first is a standard summer expense reimbursement at the beginning of the summer in the amount of $1,200 and the second is a scholarship awarded to Summer Staff that successfully complete a summer of mission work with TEAMeffort and are enrolled in college for the Fall. These scholarships range from $800 and up depending on your summer position (Staff or Camp Director), as well as the number of years you have been on staff with TEAMeffort. If not enrolled for school, the second check would be in the form of 1099 pay.

During the summer, your housing, travel, and the majority of your meals will be covered by TEAMeffort. It is our understanding that you will not incur any tax liability on the reimbursement or any portion used as scholarship; however, we suggest that you consult with your own Certified Public Accountant if you have any questions.

Can I choose a location to serve?

A lot of prayerful consideration goes into deciding on where to place Summer Staff. While we would like to place each person at one of their choice camps, we need to make sure that we put the right balance of skills, spiritual gifts and passions at each location to best serve each community. If you have any specific experience, skills, passion or knowledge of a camp, please let us know and we will take it into consideration when placing the Staff. Staff are never guaranteed to be placed at a specific camp. Even after placement, change is always possible. We encourage all applicants to be flexible and trust that you will be used in great ways no matter what location you have the opportunity to serve at!

What if I do not have any construction, outreach or VBS experience?

No problem! During staff training, all of our staff will have time in Mission Site Modules led by our TEAMeffort contractors and skilled Staff. You will learn how to lead/prepare Mission Sites as well as learn how to do basic construction projects. Throughout the summer, our Contractors and Camp Directors will be available for any questions you may have about different projects, and will check up on Mission Sites to make sure everything is coming together smoothly. You will never be left without someone who can answer your questions.

In addition to learning how to run Mission Sites, there will be specific training for Inner City Camps as well as VBS & Kid's Camps. While the majority of our Mission Sites are construction, we want to make sure you are prepared to serve in other areas if needed.

Can I have time off during the summer?

Our goal is to keep each Staff together and intact for the duration of the summer. We understand sometimes prior commitments have been made and we will consider them on a case-by-case basis. All requests must be pre-approved before Staff Training.

Do I need a vehicle for the summer?

While having a vehicle is not a requirement to be Summer Staff, we strongly recommend you bring your vehicle if you have one. You are responsible for getting to Staff Training and home after Staff Retreat. If hired for a Director position, you are required to have a vehicle for the summer.

What is the application process?

The process begins by filling out the Summer Staff application. With it, you will attach a current picture.. The Recruiting Department will contact you when your application is received, and will begin contacting your references. After reviewing your application and contacting necessary references, you will be scheduled for a phone interview that usually lasts between 30-45 minutes. After reviewing your interview, you will be notified about a possible second interview via Skype. Those interested in a Director position will have an additional interview, and those interested in Worship Team will be required to send in a video of themselves on their instrument as well as an additional interview. Additional information can be given upon request.

What are the Standards of performance for a TEAMeffort summer?


  1. I will always seek to put others and the ministry of TEAMeffort first and make everything I do and say as a member of the Staff something that furthers the ministry and is glorifying to God.
  2. I will set aside time each week for personal devotions.
  3. I will pray daily for the groups, leaders and youth.
  4. I will actively seek out conversations and interaction with the youth and their leaders.
  5. I will be on time or early for each and every staff assignment and program and I will come prepared.
  6. I will abstain from any alcoholic drinking or use of tobacco products while I am a part of the TEAMeffort Staff.
  7. I will abstain from any illegal or immoral activities while I am a part of the TEAMeffort Staff.
  8. I will adhere to the dress code set by TEAMeffort while I am a part of the TEAMeffort Staff (i.e. fingertip length shorts, no tank tops(guys or girls), one piece bathing suit, no leggings or yoga/stretch pants.)
  9. I will not put myself in any situation that could have even the appearance of impropriety (i.e. alone with a youth of the opposite sex, out of eyesight alone with a camper.)
  10. If I feel overwhelmed and do not think the situation can be fixed by a fellow TEAMeffort Staff member, I will seek out the wisdom and guidance of my Camp Director.
  11. TEAMeffort reserves the right to declare if something is inappropriate and to send any Staff member home who fails to comply with the Standards of Performance.
  12. I will have current health insurance.