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Bahamas Disaster Relief

The devastating storms from Hurricane Dorian that blasted through the Bahamas will be a rebuilding process for years to come. The rebuilding efforts will go on long after the media has lost interest. This summer your group can join teams from all over the country to bring hope to a hurting community by re-building  homes and helping families re-establish their lives.

Bahamas:  All of the islands in the Bahamas were directly hit by Hurricane Dorian.  TEAMeffort wants to cater to this area in disaster relief because the need is so great.  TEAMeffort will be looking into details of the trip for 2020 as we are able. 

Your cost includes food, housing & materials your group would need for the week, except for 2 lunches & 2 dinners.

Summer 2020 Dates:  TBD, call our office for details. 1-800-989-1507

 Price: $399

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