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How do youth leaders need to prepare for the week?

TEAMeffort staff will handle all of the details such as food (except meals during your free time), lodging, mission site materials and the evening worship services. Each evening after the worship service, groups will have an opportunity to discuss the message and activities of the day. We will provide a devotion book for each camper and discussion questions for each leader about the message for you to discuss during your time together. All youth leaders need to do is use the activity map (located on each individual camp page on the TEAMeffort website) to plan for your free days and complete the youth leaders checklist also provided on your camp page. And of course, bring your youth ready to work hard and have fun.

How do I know if there is room available for the week I'm interested in?

Just give us a call at the office 1-800-989-1507 with the location and the dates you are interested in, and we will be happy to check availability for your group.

Where can I find registration and payment info?

See our Registration and Payment Policy here:

How do I reserve my group?

You can reserve your group by click the "Reserve Online" button located on each camp page. You can also call our office at (800) 989-1507. To make changes to your reservation number, please call the office.

Registration is on-going until the first day of the camp week.

How much does camp cost?

Stateside Camp: $359
Overseas: $399

What does the camp fee cover?

Your camp fee covers lodging, mission site materials and tools, evening programs and all meals except for those during your free time.

How do I change my reservation number?

Groups registering before April 1st can add participants as long as there is availability.

Please call our office at (800) 989-1507 to check availability and make changes to your reservation.

What activities are scheduled for the evenings?

TEAMeffort has planned evening worship services geared specifically for the youth. They include some of the following each night: games, skits, videos, music and a message from one of the adult or college staff. Thursday night closing programs are always special and an important wrap-up for the week. On Friday nights we have an evening of fun & fellowship, which is optional for all groups.

Will our group serve together on the mission site?

We will try to keep your group together, however, larger groups may be put on two different sites to make sure everyone is working.

Do we need to provide transportation?

Yes, each group is responsible for their own transportation to and from the mission sites and free time activities during the week. You will not be asked to transport youth from another group.
For overseas mission trips, ground transportation looks a little differently. In Puerto Rico, groups will need to rent transportation once they arrive in Puerto Rico. 

Do we need to bring our own tools?

No, everything you need is provided by TEAMeffort. If you would like to, you can bring some of your own tools. We just ask that you mark them clearly with your name, so they will not be confused with TEAMeffort tools.

Do we need adult chaperones to attend with our youth group?

Yes, the TEAMeffort staff asks that you bring 1 chaperone for every 10 campers, per gender. The TEAMeffort staff will also come alongside your group to provide help at the mission site and leadership for the evening programs.

What are the age requirements for the youth attending?

Our camps are open to Middle School and High School students, ages 12-18. We are flexible about the ages of rising 6th graders and rely on the judgment of the youth leaders to decide if the youth is ready to attend.

What is the chaperone to youth ratio?

We recommend a one to ten ratio (for both genders).

Do the adult chaperones need to sign the release of liability form?

Yes, every participant needs to fill out and notarize the release of liability form. Be sure to make copies and give the originals to the TEAMeffort staff at check-in and keep a copy for your records.

What about medical insurance?

Every participant and leader needs to have proof of current medical insurance. This information is required on the Permission Slip and Release of Liability Form.

Please note: If one of your participants(youth or leader) does not have medical insurance, you can check with your church's insurance or call us in the TEAMeffort Office for companies we recommend for temporary mission trip insurance.

Can you explain all the forms that TEAMeffort requires?


What does the camp fee cover?

Your camp fee covers lodging, mission site materials and tools, evening programs and all meals except for those during your free time.

What do I bring?

Great question! Each camp is different, so what you will need to do is go to our Forms and Resources page and find the camp you will be attending this summer. Under your camp, you should see a form called 'Camp Information'. That link should have listed everything you will need for your trip.

What kind of work will we be doing?

For our work camps, you will be doing some form of hand's on project like painting, landscaping, and/or building. Don't worry if you've never done this and it sounds intimidating. You will do just fine! We have a TEAMeffort staff member there to help you along the way and if needed a contractor. The most important aspect of our work will be to serve others as Jesus taught us. Loving those we get to help is the best part of working at TEAMeffort during the week.

How many days do I work?

You will work 3 full days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and to lunch time on Thursday. After lunch on Thursday, you have free time until chapel and all day Friday to enjoy the community and near-by attractions.

What do I wear?

TEAMeffort dress code is loose-fitting unaltered t-shirts and loose-fitting fingertip length shorts. Close-toed shoes must be worn on the mission site. Undergarments should not be visible and clothing should be properly fastened. Hemlines on shorts or skirts must be at least fingertip length. We do not allow tank tops, sleevelss shirts, spaghetti-strap shirts, halter tops, tube tops, yoga pants, leggings or two-piece bikini bathing suits. When swimming, women must wear a modest one-piece suit or a tankini-style suit that covers the torso and midriff (front, sides, and back); men must wear t-shirts when not in the swimming area.

Do I need to bring money?

Yes, we have snacks, drinks, t-shirts, water bottles, etc. for sell at camp. Also ask your youth leader if you need money for free day activities.

What will I do for my free day?

Each camp has different activities. Check with your Youth Leader to see what you all are doing. Also look at the camp's webpage you are going to and click on the "Activity Map" on the right hand side to look at possible options.

Who else will be there?

One exciting thing about TE is other campers from different churches and denominations across the US will be on camp also. What a great way to meet new friends!

Why should I come to TEAMeffort?

The number one reason to come is to help someone else in the name of Jesus. While taking part in this journey, you will hopefully be changed yourself, learn new skills, meet new friends, and get closer to your youth group.