2021 Summer Theme

2021 Theme: Greater than Simple Stories

Whether you have never stepped foot inside of a church or have attended every service possible, there are stories from the Bible it seems most of us are familiar with. Stories that almost anyone on the street could re-tell and get at least some of the details right. But, by calling these stories simple, or limiting their use to Sunday school classrooms and nursery walls, have we lost some of their depth? Or are we limiting the amount of truth God wants to reveal through these scriptures by dismissing them as “stories we already know everything about”.

This summer we will look at four stories, probably a lot of you will be familiar with them, but if not that’s great too! You can help the rest of us look at these stories with fresh eyes as we work to see how truly amazing and awe inspiring they are. Each night a story will be presented, but our main focus will be digging into the details and drawing out all we can from the scriptures.
We know that scripture has more meaning that we can ever fully know or understand, Greater Than Simple Stories is an effort to push our knowledge of the Bible to a deeper place. Of course this could be done with just a desire to know more facts or a hope to have an extra bit of knowledge to impress our friends. However, the exact opposite is true of our pursuit in these “simple stories”, we instead want to see how little we know in comparison to the greatness of God! Whether hearing them for the first time or one hundredth time, we want to be surprised by the details we have missed and allow ourselves to be drawn into a deeper sense of worship and wonder.

Though these stories have the reputation of being simple, easy to understand, or childish; we want to stretch our minds and our faith to see how much God is communicating His love, grace, and truth through each detail of every story.

We are excited to journey with you this summer as we strive to see these passages as Greater Than Simple Stories and be drawn to a deeper relationship with Christ as a result!