No Job Too Small

I do believe that when you serve another person that there is no job too small. It can be easy to lose sight of this because we can think we have to do something big and important. Be honest; have you ever gone on a mission trip and find out you are only painting someone's house or only landscaping and felt disappointed? Or maybe you were relieved you were only painting.  What if it isn't “only”? I don’t think it is.
In 2015 I was a staff member in Gatlinburg, TN and I was assigned a  roofing project. I enjoy roofing and I was looking forward to doing it with my incoming groups. Upon arriving at the home to assess it the weekend before I noticed a house across the street that was the brightest color of green I have ever seen. It looked like one of those spearmint peppermints that are bright green and white. I went on to review the home I was assigned like normal. Measurements-materials lists, all the fun stuff.

During the week the neighbor in the bright green and white house came home one day while we were working. I noticed that she got out of her car and looked at us for a second, then ran inside her home. I thought it was pretty weird but didn’t think too much about it. Then a few moments later she came back out with a framed picture and asked if we were TEAMeffort. I got off the roof and spoke with her and the picture she had was of the TEAMeffort group that worked on her house two years before. They painted her house that bright green color. Brighter than the house was the smile on her face as she told me all about the group that did it. She went on and on and it was touching to see the joy that she still carried from that group and a fresh coat of paint from two years ago.
Just painting? I don't think so. Just painting would not have caused such a reaction. Just painting can’t change lives. Just painting is only adding color to a building. Just painting isn’t what that group two years ago did. They did so much more. When you serve another person it's not about your expectations or desires but the needs of others. A “small” job like painting becomes life-impacting because you are answering a need of another person.