Psalm 103 Devotional

Praise the Lord, my soul;   all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Psalm 103:1
I don't know about you, but Psalms, as a whole, is really challenging to me. It seems too easy (at least for me) to put God in a box. To pull God out of this box when we need someone to hear our worries, to have someone to lean on (when we have exhausted all other options), to help people we care about. In between these times it's easy to put him back in the box and put back nicely on the shelf. When I read through Psalms I do not see a person who only pulls God out of the box for special occasions. For the Psalmists, God is the essential essence of their lives. He isn’t just a part of their lives, He is their lives. They celebrate that God sees them and is with them even if they try to hide. They acknowledge that God is sovereign over all aspects of life, not just the aspects we like to hand off. They welcome His way in their lives over their own. I read and I am challenged to live more like this. To be excited about who God is and seek Him always, not just when I have tried everything else.

 Since I am so challenged, I want to encourage you to read and be challenged too. To not just read and enjoy the text but to be inspired by their passion for God and try to implement a little of that in your own life. He is great and has done great things, let's act like it.