Kingdom Partnership: Working Together for the Kingdom of God

TEAMeffort partners with several different organizations in different capacities to make our summer mission camps possible! Some of these partnerships are with churches or schools that provide space for lodging, meals or chapel. Other times, it is with organizations like Habitat for Humanity that provides lists of possible mission sites for us for the summer. At many of our disaster relief camps, we’ve had more all-encompassing partnerships, like with Baptist on Mission or UMCOR.
These different partnerships are such a gift to us, but even more so to the communities they serve year-round.

These organizations are a blessing to us because they have different resources than we do. Almost always a huge resource is that they know their community better than we ever could in the short time we are serving there! They know who needs help, often passing off lists of families we can serve that we wouldn’t otherwise meet. They sometimes have tools or finances, but lack in man-power. That’s a way I’ve seen TEAMeffort be able to help these organizations.
Each summer we have thousands of Campers/Leaders/Staff eager to serve new communities. That means that more can be physically done in these communities, and different organizations have expressed how thankful they are to see quick change happening in their community, based on the amount of people coming to do the work.

And with all these people, comes a new energy!

We all know it is easy to get burnt out when every day looks the same, even if we’re working towards a good cause. TEAMeffort no doubt comes in and livens things up for communities and organizations we work with – giving a new energy, excitement, and love for the work they’re already doing. And from our perspective, it gives us hope and even more appreciation for the work being done because we see people who have dedicated years of their life to serving one specific community.

Often times a worry with short-term mission trips is “What happens when we leave?” This is a huge reason we love working with organizations that stay in communities long term.  Yes, we’re going to leave at the end of the week or end of the summer, but someone is still there! Someone who loves and serves their community, who can help people in need get connected to those who can help.

When different ministries, organizations, and church groups come together for the greater cause of serving people in Jesus’ name, it can only further the Kingdom's impact on an area. It is so exciting for us to get to partner alongside different organizations each summer, learning from them, and seeing the Lord move through what is already being done and what is done during the summer!