Rebuilding Homes and Lives

See this video below to hear the story of two women's struggle in Jacksonville, FL and how students have made an impact on their lives through TEAMeffort.

Hey, my name is Callie and I work in the TEAMeffort office in Jacksonville, FL.
We wanted to share with you a couple of stories from the summer that have really impacted us: from Miss. Gloria and Miss. Beverly.

When we first meet Miss. Gloria from a local gathering of nonprofits, the community had really rallied around her. Her story was so impactful to us and we were so excited about the opportunity to help someone in our own backyard.

This summer we were able to start helping clean out her home and since then we have set her up with some temporary housing that she has absolutely been loving.

Gloria: "It took me a long time to get here where I’m at right now and God bless all y’all because had it not been for all y’all I probably wouldn’t have gotten past half of what I’ve gotten past." 

Miss. Beverly’s house was unsafe when we first met her. There were holes so big in her wall a car could have fit through them. This summer youth groups came from all over the United States to help her fill at home again.

Miss Beverly: “What they did last year, cleaning all this out, trimming those trees. I love it because I can sit and look out the window and see everything instead of a tree line and it’s really, really nice.”

As you can see from these two amazing women, we’ve come along way but we still need help. There is still a lot of progress yet to make.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these amazing God stories, check out our Jacksonville location.