God Changed My 'No' to a 'Yes'

I grew up going to camp during the summers with my youth group. I always had a great time doing the activities and going to the chapel services. When I was fifteen, I went to this great camp that really challenged me to grow in my faith. While at this camp, I remember one day sitting in the dining hall at meal time. (I may run late from time to time but I am always on time for meals!) Anyway, it was time for dinner and they had not started serving yet. So everyone is just standing in line waiting and talking and finally (like three minutes later) the food arrives and the staff starts walking in with these huge trays of food they obviously had to go out and get. You could tell they knew they were running late. They were getting the food in and asking us to stand against the wall so they didn’t run into us with the food. You could tell they were hot and a little tired and I remember watching them do this and thinking I NEVER want to do that. I watched and thought that being a summer camp staff member would be the worst and in no way fun!

Somehow, when I didn’t even realize it God changed my heart to say “yes”.  I have been that hot and tired staff walking in the dining hall three minutes late with the food on more than one occasion (sorry) and where I feel bad the food was a tad late I have never stopped loving working camp! To work camp as a staff member and serve campers all day everyday by doing the big a small thing has been of the biggest joys and blessings in my life. The Lord has taught me through these summers and challenged me. Because I said yes to working camp at TEAMeffort, I allowed the Lord to start molding me into the servant leader he wants me to be.

I understand if maybe the camp staff member job doesn’t seem like your thing. But let me challenge you with this. Do not try to put limitations around how and where the Lord can use you. We as believers should not be searching for “our thing” but wholeheartedly seeking out where God is leading us even if it is to unexpected places. Typically, it is not where we feel most comfortable where we are going to serve in the most impactful way. It is when we allow God to take us out of that comfort zone and we rely on Him and allow Him to mold us into the servants He knows we can be. I am so glad I didn’t say no to my first TEAMeffort summer. This summer will be my fifth TE summer and I know that the Lord will continue to teach me and give me strength during it.