4 Reasons To Love Serving in Clarkesville

1. The Location

North Georgia is a fantastic area with so many different free day events to do. It’s close to Atlanta so if you want to head into the city there are great things to do; like the aquarium, the Braves, the Coke museum, and even six flags. North Georgia is also known for its natural beauty with a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking to the bottom of a gorge to see the waterfall to tubing down a river through downtown Helen. Plus you get to stay at Fellowship Valley, a beautiful camp in the mountains with a lake and hiking trails to explore!

2. The People

TEAMeffort has had the privilege of working in the same area for many years and have gotten to know some of the people very well and they have gotten to know us. And there are so many great people at the camp and at the worksites who love to serve the Lord, each using their own talents either cooking for everyone, helping out on the mission sites or passing out popsicles.  

3. The Work

The best part about Clarkesville is the work. Everybody at the camp works in one big trailer park community that we have worked in for years. The main thing we do is decks because all of the trailers are off the ground and the homeowners need some way to get out of their houses. Getting to know the homeowners is also amazing, when they are at home they’re out talking and getting to know all of us or offering to help.

4. The VBS

I think the only way to describe the VBS at Clarkesville is that it is an awesome experience. VBS is still in the neighborhood, it’s just out in the community field. Being in a field gives us so many different things to do with the kids, the big one being soccer! The kids will challenge you…and they will beat you! There is also arts and crafts, swing sets, and just hanging out with them. It’s amazing how quickly you become friends with all the kids that live in this community.