The Gospel at Christmas

What does that word mean to you?  To me, it means salvation.  When I first heard the Gospel so many years ago, I didn’t realize at the time how much it would affect my whole being.  At the time, I thought it’s my next step in my Christian walk, but little did I know it affects my faith and my Christian walk.

The Gospel can be explained to someone as the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  After that understanding, it can be experienced as the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  What I mean is when you come to understand why Jesus had to die, why he was buried and why he was resurrected it becomes why I live for him daily.  If I were to compare my daily walk to the Gospel, it would look something like the following paragraphs.

I have to die to myself daily.  It’s not what I want, but what Christ wants for my life.  Naturally, I am selfish and if I lived for myself every day, I wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything.  Daily, I have to look past that and see the eternal reason of glorifying Christ with everything I do and say, because I know it’s worth it.  He is pleased with what I do and say if it’s eternally purposed.

Burial has to be lived out too.  It sounds kind of morbid, burying something daily.  Burial seems so final, putting to rest what is dead.  Things that creep in and steal my joy for the day have to be buried, so that I can focus on what Christ has for me.  I don’t want to dwell on the past or my sins that have weighed me down, Jesus has taken those for me.  Jesus had to die, so that the only way to live was through a resurrection of His body.  The old has gone the new has come!

The resurrection of Christ is the ultimate and final part of the Gospel.  If the Gospel was only the death and burial of Jesus, we would have NO hope.  We would have no reason to live.  Thankfully, the resurrection is the miracle of Jesus coming out of the grave and abolishing sin and death.  He rose so that we could live!  We are not a slave to sin anymore!  Jesus dying on the cross, buried in the grave & resurrecting from the grave gives us all the more hope to live for eternal purposes! He has taken care of all of that through what we call the Gospel.

So, this Christmas season, I am thankful for the Gospel because of Jesus’ birth.  The Gospel first stemmed on this earth from that lowly manger so long ago.  God sending Jesus for us.  Jesus laying aside everything to come to this earth for us.  A Savior for you and for me.  Think about Gospel this Christmas and share it someone this year.