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We took our youth group to work at Virginia Beach, VA.  We were paired with a group from Pennsylvania that brought four girls.  We had mostly guys in our group so we balanced beauty and the brawn.  We were assigned to work at a community project to spruce up a common area in a housing area.  Our group built raised beds for vegetable gardens, picked up trash, painted entryways, and did open-air Bible club with the children who live in the neighborhood.  It was a great  ministry working on homes and with the kids, letting them see how much people from Michigan and Pennsylvania care that their living area is pleasing to look at.  We hope they will enjoy strawberries and vegetables grown in their raised garden beds over the summers to come.  
Mary, Chaperone to VA Beach 2016

This summer I was in Eureka Springs, AR and I had such an amazing time. Your staff was phenomenal! They were super nice and made chapel so fun!.. It was only my 2nd youth mission trip but I had a great experience that I know I will remember forever. I was worried that I wouldn't have as great of an experience because my church was going to the same place as last summer, but my experience was even better and my relationship with God was made stronger... 

Megan, age 13
St. Phillip's Youth Group

We went to Topsail Beach in 2014. This was my first mission trip. I had a lot of fun because we got to paint two sheds, we were able to build a deck and clean out some sheds. It was great listening and watching our homeowner go through stuff in the sheds because she had a story behind everything she had. It also meant a lot because we got along with our team leader, she was very nice and smart! I had a lot of fun with my friends and will definitely do it again next year!

Kasi, 6th Grade
Calvary Lutheran Church 

My experience at Topsail Beach was great! I loved how we helped Miss Mary and how we were able to get to know her and her family. I absolutely loved the TEAMeffort Staff both this year and last year. They made me feel like I was a part of their family, even if I was not in their group they would talk and play games with us. I am already looking forward to a great time next year! 

Emma, 7th Grade 

I recently went to Puerto Rico over the past summer. It instantly opened my eyes when I saw how they were living. All the residents in the community lived in extreme poverty. Nothing can make you feel better than seeing the smiles on their faces as we gave them a new fence or electricity. They were so grateful for everything they received because it was the first time for many of them that they have gotten their houses fixed. It made me such a better person by focusing on these people who were very needy instead of focusing on getting a new iPhone. Out of all the campers who went with me, not a single one didn't like the experience or felt that the trip didn't make them a better person. All in all, I would definitely recommend this trip for everyone. It helps you become so much more grateful for what you have and it makes you realize that having things doesn't make you happy. 

Chase, 9th grade

In 2014, I attended TEAMeffort in Moore Oklahoma. In the past, I have been on 3 TEAMeffort Mission Trips. Through each one, I have had the opportunity to grow closer to God with the help of the TEAMeffort leaders through worship and helping others. TEAMeffort has brought me closer to my youth group than I ever imagined possible. Their ministry has saved the lives of so many of God's children and that's something worth talking about! 

Camper, 10th grade
Newbridge Baptist Youth

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