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  • Without a doubt, being on staff with TEAMeffort for a summer is one of the most amazing and memorable experiences. We grow in ways we'd never imagine and we make friends that last a lifetime, not to mention we get travel to places we've never explored before!

    If you've been on staff before, you'd agree that God does something special in our hearts over these few months but it's not done without a little grumbling from us at first.

    So here are 4 reasons that this summer may be the hardest (but quite possibly the best) summer of your life...

    You will face things you haven’t faced before

    Something about giving your all to serve others for the summer opens you up to growing in ways you wouldn’t have imagined before.

    Habakkuk 1:5 says, “…I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”

    God will do a work in YOU while you’re focused on serving OTHERS. You will face parts of your heart you haven’t yet, and will come out changed in a way that you would not believe if told beforehand.


    Your life will intertwine with a group of people more than you’d prefer at times

    Living, working, worshiping, eating, laughing, and crying are only a few things that you will be doing with your Staff. Literally 24 hours a day for 10 weeks you will be with this new group of people. You will learn each other’s quirks, favorites, dislikes, hearts, testimonies more than you have with anyone else before.

    At times the community will be hard or hurtful- but with hardship comes greater depth, love, and reflection of the Body of Christ.


    You will feel inadequate

    Probably only about 10% of us have ever built a deck, roof, or ramp.

    Probably only about 5% of us have ever given direction on a project to someone who has 3 or 4 decades on us.

    Without a doubt, you will feel inadequate!

    You will not have all the answers to questions Youth Leaders might ask, and you won’t have all the wisdom to offer to a Camper who’s struggling with being bullied. But, you will have God.

    The One who has all the answers, all the wisdom, and all the perfection of leadership. You will be forced to lean on Him and praise when you see Him provide and move through you!


    Feeling weak will be an understatement

    A “work week” for the summer generally equals…100 hours…maybe more?

    There will be nights where you don’t remember getting into bed, where you don’t actually remember getting any sleep at all! Days will pass where you can’t remember when your last shower was, and you will have camper’s voices constantly running through your head. You will feel as though you have nothing left to give, you will feel weak.

    But we know- God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. You will experience His power in and through you in incredible ways!


    What was your experience like working for TEAMeffort?

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