Preparation for Internship Program

Wow, time has moved so quickly so far in 2021! I am not sure if I have completely caught up with a year like 2020, but I am immensely excited for what this new year may hold, and hopefully documenting most of it here.

I first heard about TEAMeffort when my church attended one of their mission trips the summer before my senior year. I loved my week in Gatlinburg, and even though there were a lot of uncertainties in my life at the time, I let the idea of applying to be on TE summer staff fester in my head throughout that school year. I was learning a tough lesson from God on giving up the control and materials in my life and trust Him to provide for me in the way He perfectly does for all of us. I was (thankfully!!) hired for a summer position and I got placed with the most incredible team at the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina camp location. I witnessed God move within the lives of dozens of campers, homeowners, youth leaders, and especially our eight-person team!
I decided to reapply for the next year, purposing in my head that it would be my last TE summer and that Junior year of college I would get serious and use my summers for career-related internships. Well, 2020 did not accommodate me. It did not accommodate anyone. But I am so thankful to God that it was in His perfect plan for it not to! A few months later, TEAMeffort advertised the new internship program they had launched in a staff email. Again, the idea rested in the back of my head but rose over time to a size I could not ignore. For this semester, I had the perfect setup to live on campus this year and make a decent income from my on-campus job. I planned to reconnect with my teammates on campus and get back into shape together. I planned to make great grades, spend my free time relaxing in the sun, and ultimately not let the Coronavirus dampen the overachieving side of my personality. But if God had not taken all those plans from me, I wouldn’t have even had the ability to consider applying for this internship. I prayed over the application for this internship program for weeks, and when I got that “yes” from God, my whole attitude shifted from hesitancy to excitement.

I am spending my time during the day and my time in the Word to mentally prepare for this internship. God has shown me time and time again that he will use me for His purpose in His time and not in mine. I am expecting huge personal and spiritual growth throughout this internship, and I invite you to follow on that journey with me! Please pray for me to continue giving up my plans and putting my trust in God, and health and safety for all of the interns taking advantage of this program! <3

Starting the Internship Program

It felt so nice to wake up in the TE lodge this morning. After three consecutive days of travel(where my car finally hit 100,000 miles !!) I was happy to get settled with all the other interns and be so welcomed by the office staff. Last night, Rachel made us all an amazing taco soup and Carly made dessert, we played several rounds of Spicy Uno and started this internship program on an incredible foot. 

It has been so nice to hear stories from all the other interns who are all from different states and different backgrounds, and share what we are expecting from this program. The thing that I have been most excited about is the personal development activities the office staff has put together. One thing in particular, called the retreat of silence, gives us an extended amount of time to be in God's Word and to use our silence to reflect on Him.
After I had committed to the program, I immediately felt joy over that decision. Now that I am here, I get to experience the joy of forming new friendships with the other interns, deeper connections with the office staff, and the communal worship of our Father together. Even so, I have had some fears about how the program will play out- will I miss my family, friends, and pets from before I moved too much? Will I be a disappointment to my new bosses? Will the money work out? Every time these invading thoughts enter my conscience, I am reminded of what God has already done for my life. When I worry about money, He always provides for me. He provided me with friends and family that love me and support me in His word. God does not weigh my achievements and my abilities but freely gives me His strength.

This internship is an opportunity God closed many doors in my life for, and I know that as long as I continue to put trust and faith in Him, He will work through me for His kingdom. I can’t wait!!

West Virginia Retreat

This past week we went on a skiing trip!!! I personally feel that I was the most excited about this trip since I had never seen snow before, and it did not disappoint! The one thing they do not tell you about snow though is that it's pretty much just ice. So, if by some random obscurity you are a person who has never seen snow AND you have found this blog and are reading it then you’re welcome for that tip. Our trip was to Ghent, West Virginia and we had the opportunity to ski and snowboard at the Winterplace Ski Resort. I had so much fun snowboarding, but if I ever get the chance to go to a Ski resort again, I think I will try skiing. In my experience, my favorite part of a road trip is the drive up together, and I loved the way we were all able to grow closer through that. I got to learn so much about everyone's music preferences, nap faces, and scattegory vocabulary.

Leading up to the trip, I had been super busy with homework and life stuff that I had fallen a little behind in my Bible Study, but during the trip, I was able to spend a good portion of my nights catching up on that and just really spending time with God. We spent Friday afternoon doing Bible Study together, which was a nice break from skiing but more importantly a really cool time for us to tell each other how we see God moving in our lives, with a nice snow flurry as our view. On the second day, we met a youth pastor with who we were able to have a great conversation about missions, and overall there were just clear ways that each of us saw God each day on the slopes. Stay tuned to hear more about how He’s working in my life!

Preparation for Spring Break

It feels like we have all spent so much more time than a month here. I am so encouraged by the close community we have with each other, and I am really excited to see how everyone will grow in their responsibilities once we are facilitating camp here. Thank you for praying for us and the campers!