Preparation for Internship Program

Hey there humans! I'm Andy! I am 18 years old and on fire for camp ministry. The TEAMeffort internship is an opportunity for young adults to deepen their relationship with God and experience personal growth. TEAMeffort is also a program that gives youth the opportunity to do that same thing through missions trips, summer camp, and having the most fun! I was drawn to TEAMeffort because camp ministry is the most important part of my life, and TEAMeffort is where I felt like God has led me. And let's be honest, you just can't beat Florida weather. Through this experience I am hoping to have a deeper relationship with God than ever before and form lifelong connections along the way! I'm definitely nervous about moving across the country from Michigan, but that is the most nerve racking part of the internship. God has given me so much peace surrounding my decision to join TEAMeffort. As I have been preparing for the internship, I have been relying heavily on my faith to gain the courage to take this opportunity. I managed to pack my entire life into a suitcase, and I am SO excited to fly down to Florida and jump into the internship!

Spring Break Prep

We’ve been so busy at camp preparing for spring break! Grocery shopping, taking inventory for thing, making things look super nice! I’m so excited to have fun with campers and serve the lord alongside them. I’m nervous to be getting a glimpse into what this summer will look like, but so excited overall! I will have the opportunity to lead campers as I work alongside them to serve the lord the next 2 weeks. I’ve officially been here a week! Jumping in late in the internship program was nerve-wracking, but I have loved every second of it. I’m praying that the campers coming to us are coming with open minds and open hearts to serve our lord with excitement! I’m praying that they are mentally and physically preparing for this trip! I am so excited to meet some awesome humans that love Jesus.

Easter Break

For Easter break, I spent time with friends since my family is all back in Michigan! It was a super chill time filled with so much community and love. My friend noticed I have become more prayerful and positive about life because I love Jesus! Spring break was so refreshing but also challenging as I had a lot of down time to process moving and everything happening back at home that I can’t control. But being challenged with this has really encouraged me to trust god completely because he is in control, not me. I miss office work and goofing around with interns so I’m excited for our trip coming up! I am so excited for the last month of the internship! shifting my focus to preparing for the summer spiritually and physically is so exciting. I can’t wait to see what god has in store for me for this next month!

South Carolina Trip

Hey there you epic humans! The TEAMeffort staff recently went on a retreat to Myrtle Beach! We stayed in an air bnb and played games, we watched movies together, we went putt putt golfing, we went shopping, and we even went to the beach. I loved laughing with the staff and making those memories. I even met a dog at a surf shop named Sunny, and she was the sweetest pup! I was surprised at how chilly it was in South Carolina. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be cold. I was challenged during the trip by my anxiety around the chaos of making plans in a place where nobody on the trip was familiar with what was around. I’m a very planned out person so it was difficult to just go with the flow and say God’s got this, I’m just here to have fun. I bonded with the interns so much! We laughed together, we had an amazing bible study together. Every moment was so much fun! The Lord showed me how important fellowship and patience is during this trip. Because of everything I’ve learned so far during this internship program, I’m starting to really focus on who I am surrounding myself with and how I am reflecting my faith. I’ve started considering applying for Christian Colleges in the fall, and I’ve started being more cautious in who I’m spending my time with. Remember to pour into my friendships with fellow Christians, and pour love into my friendships with those who don’t believe but also have those boundaries so I am not led astray. I am so excited to see what God teaches me next!

Preparing for Training

I’m super excited about going into this summer. I’ll be going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which means mountains and hoodies. I have chatted with a few of the other staff members I’ll be working with this summer, and I can’t wait to meet them! They all seem like so much fun. I’m asking the lord to show me what he is calling me to after this summer and teach me the lessons I need to grow in my relationship with him. Spiritual and emotional maturity is something I am focused on going into this summer. I have known 2 of the other interns for years and plan on living with one after this summer, so I have no doubt we’ll remain close throughout the summer. And I’ve formed a close bond with the other intern and know we’ll be taking turns reaching out and checking in on each other as well. I’m praying that the campers come in ready to serve and are so excited, home owners are excited to have some repairs done and get some help, and fellow staff are prepared for training and a busy summer filled with fun and serving.