Ways To Be More Intentional With The Gospel While Serving On The Mission Field

TEAMeffort Missions encourages staff and campers to spend time with those they are serving on the mission sites.  We want others to see Christ in everything we do, so these are some ways to be intentional as you serve on the mission field at home.

Get to know those whom you are serving
  • Introduce yourself and be open to conversation.
  • Ask questions about their life.  Be genuine.
  • Ask how you can pray for them during the week.
  • And don’t forget to ask at the end of the week for an update.

Have a plan to sharing your faith
  • Your testimony, write it out so you think about what you can say.
  • Mark some verses in your Bible to share (or memorize them!).
  • Carry a small Bible with you for convenience.
  • It’s not about you, so don’t forget it’s what Christ did IN you.

Be open to opportunities!
  • If a homeowner is talking to you, stop and listen.
  • When you see them, speak to them directly.
  • If a homeowner is trying to help, come alongside them and work.

Pray about it!
  • Pray for those opportunities.
  • Expect great things!